Sunday, 28 March, 2010

Top 4 worshht quizzes I have been to

Quizzing has been an integral part of my college days. A great way to spend your time and you get to learn about a lot of stuff as well. Oh yeah, most quizzes have decent cash prizes. So in times of economic turmoil, these reserves come in very handy. We have been to some really nice quizzes, but then, nice stories never make for interesting reading, do they? So here are some of my most umm.. entertaining quizzing experiences so far.

Before I forget, this post is a dedication to a fellow quizzer, a veteran of over 200 quizzes, his daring exploits ranging from the very tip of Kanyakumari to the far reaches of Kashmir. ( He also has detailed information about food stalls and canteens in most of the Engineering colleges in South India )

MNM Jain does a Cronje :
After writing a prelims replete with UKG trivia, which incited eye-ball rolls and similar expressions from the participants, the finalists were announced, with most of the usual suspects, joined by an unknown team. Before the finals started, those chaps gave us some gyan - Hey dude, see countries and capitals. You will have questions on that". We gave him a pitying look. However, when the finals commenced, they were iding arbit individuals whom we didnt even know after the names were displayed, and in the rapid fire round, they pipped all the other teams by correctly naming the capital of Nicaragua and similar such stuff.
That was the last time we saw/heard from those awesome quizzer dudes, as they disappeared from the quizzing scene, retiring with the spoils garnered at MNM.

Techofes Ent :
It's kind of embarrassing, but one of my worst quizzing experiences was in my own college. After a hotly contested battle for who gets to host the quiz, three guys landed the contract, pipping an ent legend to the finish line. We all expected a below par quiz, but boy were we surprised!! The prelims had such awesome questions like "pick the odd one out : Billa, Aasal, Vaali and Aegan". Another question had the contestants grappling for the answer, and when it was announced, we could only stare, lost for words. It was another find-the-odd question, the answer being, only 1 film's music was scored by Yuvan, while the rest were not. The quizmaster's charm was evident, with quips like "You gaav to dentify this paamus actor" ( Heath ledger would have rolled in his grave had he heard this).

Et tu NIT? :
If you thought it was bad havin a sad quiz in CEG, well, eat this. Me and my afore mentioned veteran co-quizzer travelled all the way to NIT-Trichy to attend a biz quiz there. When you have been to quite a few quizzes, you'll know just by the atmosphere in the hall, that a quiz is going to go downhill right from the start. It was one such day there. 2 things were insanely irritating about the quiz. 1- it was fixed. 2- the quizmaster. An outfit, complete with blazer, cuff links et al, our suave ( read Gay ) QM assumed his place on the podium, casting mischievous sidewise glances at the participants, with remarks like " minus five, is not what you get" in a round that has no negatives, said in such a nasal monotone, that it was kind of freaky! We had to show them evidence from the internet to prove 3 of our answers were right! The QM, however stole the show with his "that's mostly perfect answer. All, give clappings" , delivered in the same high pitched monotone with a gay glint in the eye!

And the pick of the lot... The MIT Sports quiz :
This was a true gem. Here again, the essence was the amazing Quiz master, who for some strange reason, found it fashionable to bellow in to the mike with a garbled tone that sounded zoological! He seemed to take things really personal when someone gave a wrong answer, as he snatched the mike away from the teams hands, with a disgusted "NOOOOO!! THAT'S WRRRROOONG", coming just short of clubbing them on the head with a cudgel. The quiz in itself, was a spectacle, the pick of the lot being this one - A video of Yuvraj hitting a six in that famous over where he raped Stuart Broad, was shown. And the question - Of the six sixes he hit, which one was this?

Many other quizzes deserve a place on this list, and might have barely missed out on some criterion. However, one question deserves special mention :

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I will leave the answer to your imagination.
@ other quizzers : Kindly comment about your interesting quizzing experiences as well, guys :) . Lets try making this an exhaustive collection of (un)forgettable quizzing experiences