Sunday, 22 June, 2008

Atleast this time

Long long ago, a spectacle toting boy,eager to conquer the world wide web with his fantastic blogs, set out on his mission. But he experienced serious impediments in the process, having to cope with conflicting academic schedules at school and recurring bouts of laziness. Now, the child is grown,but the dream is not gone yet. Incase you hadn't guessed,that boy is me(I love flash backs :D). So here I am hopin to continue where I left off... or rather, keep leaving off on many previous occasions(I was embarrassed about the state of my previous blogs that I didnt care to list them here :P). This time, I have promised myself to keep updating the blog as frequently as possible. You will find all sorts of stuff rangin from my favourite past times which include quizzing,music and sports to stuff I had written previously but never found time to post and half finished articles, to other stuff which make enough of an impression on me to document them. Your comments are welcome. I sure hope that I do maintain this blog,atleast this time..........

Until the next post, this is Deepak sayin Good bye

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